You are currently viewing Pet Service Rates, Costs & Locations: Philadelphia, PA

Pet Service Rates, Costs & Locations: Philadelphia, PA

Rates for Every Pet Service Company in Philadelphia

I wrote pet service-related articles on the costs, rates or locations for every company providing various pet services in Philadelphia. And when I say “every”, I mean for every business that has a website – 121 total pet service companies.

The pet services can be broken up into 3 categories: sitting type pet services, veterinarian services, and “other”. I have a total of 14 articles that took just under two months to research and write.

The final section of the article links involves dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and dog parks.

Below is a link for each article where I have links to each pet service company website, rates, prices or costs, and the Philly neighborhoods serviced where applicable.


Sitting Type Pet Services


Pet service: sitting based services


I define sitting pet services as a service for your pet when you are not at home. This includes dog walking, pet sitting, boarding, and daycare.


  • Dog Walk Rates: I have rates for the most common 15, 20 and 30-minute walk times with minimum and maximum rates for each time. There are 51 companies in Philadelphia with websites that offer dog walking.
  • Dog Sitting Rates: The rates for this article and for the cat and pet sitting articles are also broken into 15, 20 and 30-minute sitting times. There are links to the 23 companies in Philly that advertise dog sitting.
  • Cat Sitter Rates: A table of rates for 39 companies offering cat sitting.
  • Pet Sitting Rates: There are rates for 26 companies for pet sitting. I broke up the articles into dog, cat & pet sitting rates because the companies use different terminology for each service. Also, all of the above articles list the rates in a table format. It was the only way that made sense for so many companies.
  • Dog or Cat Boarding Cost: There are 13 companies that offer to board your pet in their home and I have the rates for all of them.
  • In-Home Pet Sitting Rates: For when your pet sitter stays in your home. I found 23 companies that offer this pet service.
  • Dog Daycare Prices: And for the final sitting type pet service, I have prices for 19 doggy daycare companies.


Other Pet Services


Pampered pet service


Maybe these can be called the pampered pet services category. This category is for the following pet services: grooming, dog training, pet taxi, pet portraits, and adoption.


  • Dog Grooming: Prices for 18 businesses offering both dog and cat grooming based in Philadelphia.
  • Pet Taxi Cost: You may want to check out this service if your car is in the shop, have the flu or if you hurt your ankle. Or for any reason when you can’t get to the store, groomer or vet. There are 11 companies that offer this pet service and I list their cost.
  • Dog Training Schools: Obedience class costs for 14 dog trainers in Philadelphia.
  • Pet Portrait Prices: Whether you want a drawing, painting or high-quality photograph of your pet, there are 14 people who provide this pet service.
  • Pet Adoption Centers: I do include adoption costs, but this article is geared towards bringing attention to the 12 pet rescues where you can adopt your furry friend.
  • Find your lost pet: I found as many local websites and Facebook groups where you can post details about your pet if they somehow got away from you.


Veterinarian Pet Services

Vet animal hospitals in Philadlphia, PA

  • Veterinarian hospitals: I found 32 vets based in Philly. I do not provide costs for them, but I separated them by neighborhood and include each vet’s Yelp & Google review ratings.
  • 24-Hour Pet Emergency Hospitals: Whether you know the two in Philly or not (Penn & VSEC), I have their address, phone #, and a Google Map which you can click to open and enter your starting point for directions. I included the same for an additional 5 emergency pet hospitals in surrounding counties. For those, I mention the Philly neighborhoods closest to them. Depending on where in Philly you live, those may be closer than Penn or VSEC.


Travel and See Philly with Your Dog

I have 3 additional articles for both residents and visitors to Philadelphia.

  • Pet-Friendly Hotels in Philadelphia: This is a list of 39 hotels, motels and B&B’s that are pet-friendly and allow dogs in the city of Philadelphia, PA.
  • Dog Parks & Hiking Spots: A List of all the dog parks in Philly and some great places to hike with your dog.
  • Philadelphia Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Restaurants, bars coffee shops and similar businesses where you can bring your dog. I decided not to write this article because it would be too extensive. Just take a walk around your neighborhood and look to see where people have a dog with them or if there are water bowls near the outdoor tables.


I hope these articles help you find a company offering the pet service that you need and for an affordable price. Let me know if you have any questions on any of the articles.


Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.