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Pet Portrait & Photography Prices Philadelphia, PA

Pet Photography Prices In Philadelphia, PA


I was able to find 10 pet photographers based in Philadelphia and a list of their prices for six of them. My website is one of the ten.

There are also 4 artists in Philly that offer pet portrait paintings or pencil drawings. Two of them list their prices for pet portraits.

I have links to each of their photo or portrait galleries. And I list the zip code where their studio is located if I could find it.

You have to check the details about their prices. There are additional costs depending on certain factors like drive time for photoshoots, shipping for paintings, etc.


The Ten Pet Photography Websites and Their Portrait Prices


Pet Photography Portrait Prices


Only six of the websites list the prices for pet photography. I include the zip code where they are located if they provide it, but only 4 do so.

I have a link to their photo galleries, but unfortunately, I can not include any examples of their photos. Though  I can say that their photos look professional to me. The two photos in this article are mine, Personally, I need to improve my pet portraits, because some of these photographers are very good.


Alexa Nahas

The only pet photography price that she lists is for a 60-minute session at $200. She does not indicate where her studio is located. To see examples of her work, you have to click on the various “sessions” links that she has on the pet portfolio page.


Andrew Pinkham

His photos look like painted portraits. They are very artistic looking. I suppose that is why his pet photography prices start at $950 for a headshot.

To see his pet photography prices click on the “Investments” link. He has received a 2018 Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly” Award for his pet portraits. I could not find where his studio is located. Society Hill, maybe?


April Ziegler

She lists her pet photography price as $150 for a 60-minute session and $250 for a 60-minute package. That means an hour-long shoot by itself is $150. I believe the $250 would be for the finished images that are provided to you. She is based in zip code 19473.

Her photo gallery of pet photography is a little difficult to navigate. You have to click on one of the 9 square images on each page to go to those shots.


Expressions by Heather

She does not have a lot of pet photography portraits to judge her work. I do not know where in Philly she is located. She does not list her pet photography prices.


Fairmount Pet Service

This is my website. My pet portrait photography prices are $50 for a half hour session and $90 for an hour session. Those prices include optimizing the photos in Photoshop and high-resolution images for printing. I’m in the Fairmount \ Art Museum area.

Pet Photography Portrait Prices: Pic of Tiki
Artistic shot of a clients’ cat Tiki

James Kern

He does not have a lot of examples of his pet photography, but I like what he does show. His pet photography prices start at $150 for a 30-minute session and he is based in 19145. Note: It’s kind of weird how this guy’s name is so similar to mine.


Kristan Kidd Photography

She has more shots of owners with their dogs than individual dog photos. But the dog photos she does have are excellent. And I only see images of dogs, no cats or other pets. She does not list her pet photography prices and she is based in 19154.


Lauren Kaplan Photography

To view her photos, click “Galleries” on the left sidebar then scroll down to select Dog, Cat or Exotic Pet galleries. And wow, absolutely beautiful pet portraits. I need to up my game. Great color, great composition, great lighting, great outdoor scenery. I’m totally impressed.

I do not know what part of Philly she is in, but she mentions traveling to your location. And her pet photography prices are a little confusing. She has a price of $50 under both Mini Session and Full Session, but it’s called a “Print Credit”. I don’t know what that means.


Michele Corbman

She has a handful of dog portraits but more images of horses. The dog portraits look good though. No idea if she photographs cats or other pets. I do not know where in Philly she is located and she does not list her pet photography prices.


Portraits by Colleen

It is hard to find her photographs of pets, as they are mixed in with her paintings and pencil drawings (see her prices for pet paintings below). Her prices for in-studio (19122) pet photography is $150 for a 1-hour session. Her traveling price is $250 for a 2-hour session.


Dog & Cat Paintings and Drawings


Pet Portrait Prices


If you would like a drawing or painting from a photo, then there are 4 artists in Philadelphia that provide this service.

Now be forewarned that the pet portrait prices for paintings or drawings are much higher than photographic portraits. Especially for paintings versus drawings.

You can search on Etsy for pet portraits and the prices will be much lower. But you will have to pay for shipping of the finished portrait and you won’t be supporting local artists. Though I suppose there may be local artists on Etsy, so that is something to look into.


Art by Debbie Radichi

All of her pet portraits are in pencil from photos and the prices are $99 for a 5×7, $115 for an 8×10, $125 for a 9×12 and $135 for an 11×14. She is based in the Fairmount \ Art Museum area.


Jay McClellan

He does paintings and I think only of dogs. I could not find his pet portrait prices or where his studio is located.


JT Harding

He does custom dog paintings and his studio is located at 246 West Upsal St., #C104, Mount Airy, Philadelphia. His rates are:

Oil Painting Rates: Prices start at $550 for a 9 x 12″ painting
Basic Backgrounds: $5 per square inch
Custom Backgrounds: Contact Artist for a quote

Pet portraits by JT Harding
Portrait by JT Harding


Portraits by Colleen

Her pet portrait prices for oil paintings start at $390 for a 5×7 or $500 for an 8×10. Larger paintings are much higher. Her pet portrait prices for drawings using pencil or charcoal are $125 for a 5×7, $175 for an 8×10 and higher for larger sizes. Her studio is in 19122.


Additional Pet Service Rates

I have an article on the rates and cost for every type of pet service. The article is called Pet Services Rates but it also includes other subjects like Philly dog parks, pet-friendly hotels, 24-hour emergency vets, and adoption locations. Check it out if you are interested in other pet services located in the city.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.