Most Common Dog Breeds Found In Shelters

I looked at the dogs available for adoption in 5 shelters to find the most common breeds. The city shelters I looked at are from the 5 biggest cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston & Philadelphia. I added up the various breeds and have a list for all 5 cities as well as an overall list. Continue reading if you want to see the numbers.


Best Way How To Trim Cat Claws

If you really want to learn how to trim cat claws, then there are a handful of essential things to know. You want to know which part of the claw to trim, how to get your cat to cooperate and the type of clippers to use. I cover all that plus basic grooming costs for your cat.


24 Hour Emergency Vet Hospital: Philadelphia, PA

This is the last of my pet services articles for the city of Philadelphia, and one service that hopefully you will never need. There are two 24 hour emergency vet hospitals in Philadelphia, and another five in surrounding counties. I have the phone #, address and a Google map for each hospital. You can click the Google map and enter your location to get directions to each hospital.


Where To Adopt A Dog Or Cat In Philadelphia, PA

If you are looking for animal shelters where you can adopt a dog or cat, then I have all the information you will need. I found 12 pet shelters, rescues and adoption centers in Philadelphia.To help you, I have their addresses, phone #s and a link to their websites. I include notes about volunteer or fostering opportunities, vet care, lost or found pets, etc.

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