Lost Pet Websites (Philadelphia)

Lost Pet Websites (Philadelphia)

This is the final pet services article for Philadelphia, PA. I found 18 websites where you can post photos of your lost dog or cat, give a description of your pet, and post contact information if anyone spots or finds your pet. There are links to 12 Facebook groups, and 6 websites for a total of 18 websites \ pages. All but 3 of the website or group links are Philadelphia based.


List of lost pet websites for Philadelphia pet owners

I constantly see posts about someone losing their cat or dog, and each time neighbors mention a site or group where the owner should share their post.

So I decided to get as many links as I could and put them in one location. Please let me know if you know of a website, forum, or group whose focus is lost pets and I will update this article. Also, don’t forget to contact all the shelters and rescues in the city if your pet has gone missing.

Read my Where to Adopt a Cat or Dog article for the list of shelters in Philadelphia or my Pet Services Rates Philadelphia for a list f all pet services in the city.


missing cat

Websites that focus on reuniting lost and found pets with their owners.

The 6 websites below help you to find your lost pet. Three are national-level sites and 3 are Philly based. Here are 3 general lost and found pet websites and I’m sure there are many more.

I don’t consider these sites as the best way to get your pet back. However, the last two Philly websites off a list of things you should do if you lost your pet so check out that information.

  • FindPet.com – a site where you can register your pet in case he or she ever goes for a walk without you.
  • LostFoundPet.us – lost and found pet database, report your lost pet, and search their database of found pets.
  • PawBoost.com – Create A Free High-Quality Lost Pet Flyer. Boost Recovery Chances. Post A PawBoost Alert. Email Shelters For Free.

missing dog

Here are 3 lost and found websites that are specific to Philadelphia, PA. If you are from another city then look for local shelters and pet service companies that have a page, or group for lost pets.


Facebook lot pet pages and groups

Here are 12 Facebook groups I found for Philly lost and found pets. The text after the links are most from the groups About page.

stray cat


dog living on the street

Here are 3 Delaware County groups that are good if you live in a neighborhood that borders Delco. Also, check out groups for other surrounding counties.

Finally, don’t forget about any neighborhood websites like Nextdoor where you can post about your lost pet.


Final Thoughts

I hope these resources help you find your lost pet. Don’t give up – your pet is counting on you!


Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.

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