Lost Pet Websites (Delaware County)

List of lost pet websites for Delaware County pet owners In case you or someone you know have lost a pet, then here are some online sources to post photos and contact information. Also, use these groups if you have found or spotted a lost dog or cat.   Websites and groups geared towards reuniting lost and found pets with…

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Lost Pet Websites (Philadelphia)

This is the final pet services article for Philadelphia, PA. I found 18 websites where you can post photos of your lost dog or cat, give a description of your pet, and post contact information if anyone spots or finds your pet. There are links to 12 Facebook groups, and 6 websites for a total of 18 websites. All but 3 of the website or group links are Philadelphia based.

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He didn't meow, he would 'squeak'

My Pet Cat Named Squeaks

One of the pets I had was my pet cat that I named Squeaks because he always made a “squeaky” sound as opposed to meowing. I have written articles on all my other beloved pets that have passed away, so I did not want to exclude Him. He was my 2nd pet but the first one that died. He was a great cat!

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Rabbit Pet Sitting (Guide & Tips)

Although you won’t often have to care for a rabbit, you should still know the basics of rabbit pet sitting. If you know how to care for a pet cat then you will also be able to care for a bunny. In this article, I provide a basic list of the requirements I have for my rabbit pet sitting clients.

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6 Funny Dog Stories: What Has Your Dog Done?

As a dog walker and dog owner, I’ve experienced all sorts of situations involving dogs, cats, and other pets. Some of the best stories I have are funny dog stories. I have 6 dog stories that I find funny, gross and amazing.

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