I offer FREE pet portraits for my clients, but if you would like professional outdoor portraits of your pet(s), then contact me. I charge $90 for an hour shoot for non-clients. I have both film and digital Canon SLR camera bodies along with multiple fixed and zoom lenses. I’ll apply final touches in Photoshop and then supply you with high-resolution digital files. The pets on this page are Stella, Tiki, my cat Charlie, Heidi, my cat Little Rascal, Jager, Greta, Super, and Wyatt.


Pet Portrait of Stella
Stella in the yard
Pet Portrait of Heidi
Heidi & her spotted tongue


Pet Portrait of Squeeks
He didn’t meow, he would ‘squeak’
Pet Portrait of my first pet Charlie
My 1st pet Charlie on the window sill


Pet Portrait of Jager
Jager with the Alfalfa look
Pet Portrait of Super
Super with a great pose


Pet Portrait of Tiki
Artistic shot of Tiki
Pet Portrait of Greta
Greta in the garden


Pet Portrait of Greta
Wyatt enjoying the sun