Rabbit Pet Sitting (Guide & Tips)

Although you won’t often have to care for a rabbit, you should still know the basics of rabbit pet sitting. If you know how to care for a pet cat then you will also be able to care for a bunny. In this article, I provide a basic list of the requirements I have for my rabbit pet sitting clients.


My Cat Hissing At New Cat (Cat Aggression & Attack)

My cat kept hissing at a new cat that I brought into my home for a 10-day cat boarding job. There ended up being a scary catfight and I made the mistake of trying to break up the fight. I detail all the correct and incorrect things I did so that you don't experience the same thing I did.

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In-Home Dog Sitting: Dog Sitters That Stay At Your Home

In this article, I cover all aspects of in-home dog sitting from cost to the duties you can expect from your sitter. You need to check out the pet service companies in your area for rates, deposits, surcharges, reservation and cancellation policies, scheduled walks, special notes, and quite a few other important points.


Boarding A Dog For The First Time

Boarding a dog for the first time can be stressful for you as well as your dog. All that you want is that your dog will be taken care of and happy while you are away. I will cover all the things that you need to consider to make sure that happens.


Doggy Daycare Cost: Prices Near You In Philadelphia, PA

I found 22 businesses that offer doggy and puppy daycare and I list the cost for different packages The prices are for half and full daycare with discounts for 5, 10 or 20-day packages. The 22 businesses are based in 13 different zip codes in Philadelphia, PA. I also talk about common requirements and center amenities.