How Would I Find a Cat or Pet Sitter Near Me?

I will show you how I would find a pet sitter near me and in my area if I needed to. I am a dog walker and pet sitter and I outline the best methods of how to find a cat or pet sitter near you: from people and businesses in your area to the best online methods.

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Definitions of Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Pet Boarding

Many people seem confused about the definitions of dog walking vs. pet sitting vs boarding, etc. Most of the confusion is from people who own dogs and are not sure what they need or even which services are available to them. You will have a complete understanding of all dog and pet services when you are done reading this article.

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Useful Pet Related Links

I mention the various types of links that I have found useful as both a pet owner and a pet service provider. I list sites where you can search for a pet service provider, pet adoption, pet-friendly hotels and rentals, pet forums and pet photography sites. I hope you find them useful!

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