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Overnight Pet Sitting Rates for Philadelphia

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates for 26 Companies in Philadelphia


Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

This article is the final listing of sitting rates: Below is a table of single visit and overnight pet sitting rates for 26 companies in Philadelphia. You should also look at my articles on dog sitting rates and cat sitter rates depending on whether you have a cat or dog. I found a total of 45 businesses that list either dog sitting, cat sitting and\or pet sitting as a service.

The reason I split pet sitting into 3 articles is that some companies list the services as sitting for dogs, cats or pets. My dog sitting rates article lists 26 businesses, a lot of which are below but not all. My cat sitter rates article lists 39 companies, and again there are differences with the companies below and in that article. Most of the companies below offer dog, cat, AND petting. Two companies only list rates for pet and cat sitting. Two only list pet sitting. And one company lists cat and dog sitting but not pet sitting (which they obviously do.)

The company Little Characters have rates for pet sitting and cat sitting. I would think they also provide dog sitting, but you would have to check with them if you need sitting for your dog. Two companies below ONLY list pet sitting rates (overnight or daily). They are PHL Pets and Tails of Philly. I would assume that “pet sitting” would involve dogs and cats, as well as other types of pets. You’ll want to double-check with them as well. Every other company listed below are also in both my dog sitting rates and cat sitter rates articles.


Overnight Pet Sitting Rates 

  • “Min” values: This is the minimum or standard rate for each company. It may also be a discounted rate for a certain amount of visits per week. If you see a dash under this column, then that company doesn’t have a dog sitting rate for that visit time.
  • “Max” values: This is a higher rate that usually includes fees for night or weekend visits. If you see a dash under this column, then the “max” dog sitting rate for that company is the same as the flat rate under the min column.
  • Companies with the highest rates: The highest rates may be for companies based in center city where driving and parking is difficult. Everything downtown cost more. If they do not service those areas then I’d say that they should lower their rates. One reason for high rates may be because they prefer one visit time length over another. And so they make the less desirable times a higher rate. I do the same.


Service Areas

Here are some of the service areas that I found for each site. It’s a messy bulleted list, but it was not easy getting the service areas and figuring out how to put it all in this article.

If you see a “+” sign and a number, then that is the number of additional surrounding neighborhoods that the company services. If you know you live close to the service area listed, then they may also service your area. Here is a zip code map for Philadelphia if you are new to the city.

  • Center City: Center City Pets, Fetch Pet Care
  • Fairmount: Fairmount Pet Service. Fairmount +2: Pet Posse, Philly Bow Wow.
  • Fishtown: Mary Pawpins
  • Manayunk +2: City of Paws
  • NE Philly: NE Phila Pet Sitting
  • Northern Liberties +2: Bow Wow Meow
  • Rittenhouse: Rittenhound
  • South Philly: Paws & Claws
  • West Philly: Fresh Prints of West Philly
  • Companies that service MANY neighborhoods: Happy Tails of Philly, Little Characters, PhilaPets, PHL Pets, Queenies Pets, Tails of Philly, Top Tails, Walk This Way, Woof n Stuff, ZDogWalkers
  • Unknown (I couldn’t find which neighborhoods these companies service): For Paws Philly, Madeleine’s Paws & Claws, MJS Pet Sitting, Pups on Passyunk


Philly Overnight Pet Sitting Rates (as of 9/4/19)

Pet Sitting Rates: Philadelphia, PA
Business Name 15 Min 15 Max 20 Min 20 Max 30 Min 30 Max
Bow Wow Meow $15
Center City Pets $18 $22
City of Paws $18 $22
Fairmount Pet Service $12 $15 $18
Fetch Pet Care $22
For Paws Philly $18 $22
Four Paws Dog Walking $18 $22
Fresh Prints of West Philly $15
Happy Tails of Philly $15
Little Characters $20
Madeleine’s Paws & Claws $22
Mary Pawpins $12 $25
MJS Pet Sitting $14
NE Phila Pet Sitting $18 $20
P.U.P.S $18 $22
Park Bench Philly
Pawty Time $15
Pet Posse $15
Phila Paws & Claws $20
PhilaPets $16 $22
Philly Bow Wow $15
Philly Puppy Love $16 $18
PHL Pets $12 $15
Pup Tales $20
Pups on Passyunk $14 $20
Queenies Pets $22 $27
Rittenhound $18 $22
South Paw $20
Super Steps $12 $25
Tails of Philly $18 $20
Top Tails $20 $27
Walk it like a dog $15
Walk This Way $16 $18
Woof n Stuff $13
ZDogWalkers $17


Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any of the pet businesses listed on this page other than my own. I do not personally know any of the owners. This is simply a listing of overnight pet sitting rates that I compiled for people needing that service.

Additional Pet Service Rates

I have an article on the rates and cost for every type of pet service. The article is called Pet Service Rates but it also includes other subjects like Philly dog parks, pet-friendly hotels, 24-hour emergency vets, and adoption locations. Check it out if you are interested in other pet services located in the city.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.