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Dog Boarding Cost Philadelphia: How Much To Board A Dog?

Where to board a dog?


The best boarding for your dog is in someone’s home. Not a kennel, a small room or “suite”. I board dogs in my place.

My goal was to find other dog walkers who offer to board in their home. I found 12 other companies in Philadelphia that offer dog boarding (and my business makes 13). Most of them have dog daycare as their primary business, but 4 are solely dog walking and pet sitting businesses.

Four of the 14 companies listed below board dogs at their daycare facility. That’s not ideal and I was hoping for more home boarding. Two companies do not mention where the boarding is: one of them offers daycare, the other is a dog walking company. The last eight all board dogs in their home.

dog boarding cost for Philadelphia, PA

Boarding vs. In-home Sitting vs. Pet Sitting vs. Boarding in a Kennel

I cover the difference of boarding versus sitting on my services and rates page and in a definition of terms article that I wrote. Take a look at either one of those pages, but let me give a brief explanation here.

Boarding a dog or cat takes place in a walker or sitter’s home.

In-House or In-Home sitting is when your walker or sitter stays at your place.

Pet sitting is when your sitter visits your home to take care of your pet and then leaves (one visit per day for cats, three visits for dogs).

And boarding at a kennel is where your pet is in a small room overnight usually with many other pets close by in similar rooms. I wouldn’t want my dog in that situation. I’m sure the dogs and cats get lots of attention during the day, but they are likely stressed out during the night. Even though I have no direct experience with kennels, I would only choose a kennel for my dog if I had no choice.


How much is it to board a dog?

The typical cost given is for a day, but some places are confusing in their wording. It sounds like they only offer 12 hours at their rate but I believe the rate is for a whole day. You’ll have to look at each company on your own. There is also a half day rate for a pickup time that is different from their drop off time.

The dog boarding cost below is for one day or 24 hours. If your drop off and pick up time is approximately the same, then the total cost for boarding your dog would be (# of days of boarding)  X  ($ rate). I charge a half day rate when the pickup time is different from the drop off time.

For example, if you drop your dog off on a Thursday night and pick him up on a Sunday night, then the total cost would be 3 days times the daily rate. It is three days because you count days from drop off time to the same time on the following days. For my company, that would be 3 x $50 = $150 for the total cost.

If however, you pick up your dog from me on Sunday morning, then the total dog boarding cost would be $125 – $50 for the Thursday to Friday night and $50 for the Friday to Saturday night. The last $25 is from Saturday night to Sunday morning.

I assume other companies charge the same way but don’t quote me on that.


Dog Boarding Costs for Each Company (as of 9/4/19)

The boarding locations are in 9 different zip codes. There are 3 companies that service many areas and do not mention a specific boarding location. Here is the dog boarding cost for each company. I added a link to their services page and the zip code where they are located:

Dog School:
Dog boarding cost: $100
Locations: 19103, 19123, 19130, & 19146

The Ruff Life :
Dog boarding cost: $65
Location: 19106 and the dog boarding is at their daycare center.

Andrew’s Pack:
Dog boarding cost: $55
Locations: 19121 and I’m not sure if it’s at a daycare center or at their home.

The Towne Barker:
Dog boarding cost: $40
Location: 19123 and the dog boarding is at their daycare center.

Fairmount Pet Service:
Dog boarding cost: $50
Cat boarding cost: $40
Location: 19130

Groom & Board:
Dog boarding cost: $50
Location: 19146 and the dog boarding is at their daycare center.

For Paws Philly:
Dog boarding cost: $45
Location: 19147

The Pit Stop:
Dog boarding cost: $100
Location: 19147

Phila Paws & Claws:
Dog boarding cost: $35 & up
Cat boarding cost: $25 & up
Location: 19148
* Not sure why the “...& up” phrase is tied to their rates, especially since their rates appear to be the lowest. Every other company just list the rates. – straight-up.

Camp Bow Wow:
Dog boarding cost: $48
Location: 19154 and the dog boarding is at their daycare center.

PHL Pets:
Dog boarding cost: $60
Locations: They service many zip codes and I don’t know where the boarding takes place.

Dog boarding cost: $50
Locations: They service many zip codes and I don’t know where the boarding takes place.

Woof n Stuff :
Dog boarding cost: $60
Locations: They service many zip codes and I don’t know where the boarding takes place.

Bark Park:
Dog boarding cost: $90
Location: South & West Philly and the dog boarding is at their daycare center.

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any of the pet businesses listed on this page other than my own. I do not personally know any of the owners. This is simply a listing of dog and cat boarding costs that I compiled for people needing that service.


Cat Boarding Options

Cat boarding cost in Philadelphia, PA.

Cat boarding is only offered by my company and Phila Paws & Claws. Cat boarding is rare. I’ve only boarded someone’s cat two times in 10 years.

To be honest, pet sitting is a better option for cats. They prefer staying in your home. And pet sitting for your cat is much cheaper when compared to boarding costs.

Also, consider your vet as a boarding option. It’s pretty common for them to do it and it’s usually a good rate. But boarding your cat at your vet’s location it is like a kennel for dogs, as your cat will be in a crate overnight. You’ll have to check with your vet for details.


Dog Boarding in Homes not Kennels

Only 8. That’s all? I can’t believe I could only find 8 pet service companies that board dogs in their home. But keep in mind that I only looked at companies that have websites. There are other dog walkers and pet sitters that board dogs in their homes, but they are not easy to find.

First, you can try searching on Facebook for their business listing. Most pet service companies that do not have websites will have a Facebook listing.

Other options would be Google My Business, Local Yahoo, Merchant Circle, or any other site that has local business listings. I found most of the companies in this article using Yelp. There were many businesses on Yelp which offer boarding but did not list a website. Try looking into those businesses as well.

I mention searching these sites because 8 companies that offer dog boarding in their home can only service 1 client’s dog per weekend. That’s not a lot of options. I’m sure you can find others and I’m sure their dog boarding cost is in line with the costs that I list in this article.


Additional Pet Service Rates

I have an article on the rates and cost for every type of pet service. The article is called Pet Service Rates but it also includes other subjects like Philly dog parks, pet-friendly hotels, 24-hour emergency vets, and adoption locations. Check it out if you are interested in other pet services located in the city.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.

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    I appreciate that you explained that the cost will be different depending on the pickup and drop off time. I will share this tip with my best friend since she will send her dog to a boarding facility. This is because she will be out of the country due to work for days. This will prepare her financially.

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    Millie, the difference in price depending on drop-off \ pick-up times is how I charge. I don’t know if that will be the same for any other company.

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    Thanks for helping me understand that the rate for this kind of service will be different depending on the pickup and drop off schedule. I will share this information with a friend of mine who will be boarding their dog next month. This will prepare them financially since they will send him there for a couple of days while they are away in another country.

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