In-Home Dog Sitting: Dog Sitters That Stay At Your Home

In this article, I cover all aspects of in-home dog sitting from cost to the duties you can expect from your sitter. You need to check out the pet service companies in your area for rates, deposits, surcharges, reservation and cancellation policies, scheduled walks, special notes, and quite a few other important points.


Pet Sitter Insurance: Pet Sitter & Dog Walker Business Requirements

Pet sitter insurance is highly recommended for many businesses in the pet industry. Some examples of people needing liability insurance are anyone providing pet or dog boarding, walking, sitting, dog daycare, grooming pet taxi, or training classes It is also a good idea to be bonded if you have employees that enter the homes of your clients.


Overnight Pet Sitting Rates for Philadelphia

A list of overnight pet sitting rates for 26 companies that have pet sitting listed as one of their services and that based in Philadelphia, PA. The pet sitting rates for a single day or overnight visits are listed in a table for the most common sitting visit times of 15, 20 and 30-minutes with links to each companies website.


Cat Sitter Rates Philadelphia, PA

I have a table of cat sitter rates for 38 companies that service Philadelphia, PA. I list their cat sitter rates by 15, 20 and 30-minute visits with minimum and maximum $ ranges To see if they service your areas, I added a link to either their service area page or to their rates page.


How to Start a Dog Walking Business: Summary, Final Thoughts

How to Start a Dog Walking Business, Part 6 is a summary of the main points from my previous 5 articles. You can use the summary outline as a reference for when you finally decide to start a dog walking business. I also highlight what I believe are the most important points to focus on and I have some final thoughts on having a dog walking and pet sitting business.


Starting a Dog Walking Business Part 5: Testimonials & Management

Starting a Dog Walking Business Part 5 is about getting reviews and testimonials from your clients, and asking them to act as references. I also cover regular management using a spread sheet for client contact info, scheduling and calculating fees owed and paid. Finally, I cover various topics such as hiring walkers, ongoing website concerns, raising rates, and more.