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Dog Daycare: Benefits of Taking Your Pup to Doggie Daycare

If your dog has an abundance of energy, gets bored easily, or suffers from separation anxiety, your pup may be a great candidate for doggy daycare! From learning how to properly socialize with their peers to supervision throughout the day, the benefits of sending your dog to doggy daycare are plentiful.


Adequate Exercise

Dogs of all ages benefit from regular exercise, but young dogs especially seem to have boundless energy. Even if you routinely take your dogs on long walks in the morning or when you get home from work, your dog may still have the energy to expend. Taking your dog to doggie daycare for all-day play can help your dog burn up some of that endless energy while both his body and mind are getting exercise!


Mental Stimulation

Physical exercise alone is usually not enough to keep your dog feeling (and behaving) his best. Your dog needs just as must mental stimulation as he does physical activity, and routine visits to his doggie daycare may provide just what he needs. New sights, new smells, and new friends to play with will help keep his mind engaged.


Socialization and Playtime

Dogs are social creatures by nature, needing constant attention and interaction in order to thrive. By spending time at doggie daycare not only will your pup get to play with his peers, but he will learn proper playstyles and improve how he interacts with other dogs, making public interactions in dog parks or on walks a more positive experience.


Doggy daycare

Peace of Mind

Doggie daycare isn’t just good for dogs – it’s good for their parents, too! If you are constantly worried about your dog while you’re away at work all day, or worry that you aren’t giving your dog the daily exercise that he needs, doggie daycare may help secure your peace of mind!


Behavior Benefits

Taking your dog to doggie daycare offers a plethora of behavioral benefits, making both yours and your dog’s life easier. Some of the behavior benefits of doggie daycare are:

  • Calmer Behavior – a tired dog is a happy dog, and a dog that’s tired from both positive mental and physical stimulation is especially happy!
  • More trainability – because your dog has a chance to expend all of that extra energy, he will likely be more focused and more obedient during your training sessions.
  • Better dog interactions – consistent exposure to other dogs at doggie daycare will help your dog associate interactions with other dogs as a positive experience. This makes your walks or encounters with new dogs at the dog park less stressful.
  • Decreased separation anxiety – if your pup suffers from separation anxiety, doggie daycare may be just the ticket to helping him overcome his fear! Attending doggie daycare will help your dog associate his time away from you like fun and worry-free, lessening his separation anxiety over time. For pet parents of dogs with separation anxiety, knowing that your dog is supervised, and not home alone being destructive, can alleviate your own anxiety as well.


Is My Dog a Candidate for Doggie Daycare?

Most, but not all, dogs are candidates for doggie daycare. If your dog is non-aggressive, not sick, and not injured, chances are your dog will be a great fit for daycare. If you have an elderly dog that is in less than stable condition, a dog who is recovering from an illness or surgery, or a dog who has a history of aggression, doggie daycare may not be for you.

Dogs of all kinds can benefit from doggie daycare. If you’ve got an active, healthy, energetic pup that you think would benefit from all-day play with his friends, consider taking your dog to doggie daycare!

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Note: Article contributed by Abi Pennavaria (dog and pet writer).

Abi Pennavaria is a dog mom, avid veterinary volunteer, and co-author of Saved By The Bark blog. She enjoys sharing tips and tricks for dog owners of all breeds.



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