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The Easy Walk Harness is the BEST for Dogs That Pull

Why I Believe the Easy Walk Harness is the Best for Difficult Dogs

Easy Walk harness front attachment

I have found that the Easy Walk Harness is the easiest and simplest training tool for walking dogs that like to pull. I can’t speak highly enough at how fantastic the harness is for stopping your dog from walking YOU! It is a simple, yet very effective, training tool. And nearly everyone I’ve told about it was extremely thankful.

I learned about the harness at the first dog training class for my dog. He liked to pull all the time. There were about 8 people in the class and it was held above a pet store. The trainer went into detail about why the Easy Walk was so effective and that we should consider getting one.

After the class, EVERYONE was in the store buying one. I didn’t even need to use it more than two weeks before I had my dog walking beside me.


How is an Easy Walk Harness correctly attached


How to put on the easy walk harness


Above is a photo of my dog’s easy walk harness. I only undo the buckle on the tan webbing as you see here.,

There are 2 quick release buckles on the harness. Each buckle is on a different colored webbing. One of those colored sections has a D-ring and one does not. The D-ring is the “D” shaped metal connection point for the leash. The buckle on that webbing is the only one you undo. Always leave the other buckle connected leaving a permanent loop. That is the dark brown webbing in the photo above.

Just slip that loop over the head. Rotate the loop around the neck until the D-ring is laying on the dog’s chest. Now you have to connect the two buckle ends. Wrap the longer webbing strap under the belly and connect it on the other side. Just make sure that it is snug.

It is one of the easiest harnesses to put on and take off after you’ve done it a couple of times. It’s not one of those harnesses that you have to get one leg in and then the next leg.

Just place the webbing loop over the head and wrap the other strap under and around the body. Connect the buckle and you’re done.


Instructions on How to Use the Easy Walk Harness for Training

Now for the reason why it is so good. A dog that constantly pulls or walks circles around you is a problem. You could trip on the leash or drop it. That’s the behavior you need to change.

When you first use it, tug on the leash each time your dog starts to pull or moves in a different direction. And you may have to pull on the leash every few seconds – and that’s the annoying part.

With the leash connected to their chest, each time you pull, it slightly trips them up. Harnesses with a connection point on the back don’t do much. It may slow them down, but that’s the wrong approach to changing a dog’s behavior.

So each time they start to pull you give a gentle tug on the leash and that slightly pulls them towards you. Each tug alters the way they are walking and that should slow them down. Within a few days to a week you should see a radical change.


Sizing, Fitting and Other Details

The harness basically has three webbing sections: the back, the belly or bottom strap, and the part that lays on the chest. The chest and backing webbing are what forms the loop that you place over the head. The webbing that goes under your dog is what you use to connect the harness.

Place the loop on and connect the belly buckle and see how it fits. You should only be able to fit 1-2 fingers in between the webbing and your dog. Just tighten the webbing for each section if it is looser than that.

There are 3 places to tighten or loosen the harness. The webbing on the back has one adjuster. The other two are on either side of the D-ring.

As for sizing, just search online for “easy walk harness sizing chart”. You need to measure the chest from behind the legs up to and around the back.

Then check the charts for the best size realizing that there are adjustments that can be made. It’s probably best to go larger and tighten it then to find out you bought one that is too small.


Final Tip & Price of the Easy Walk Harness

A final tip I have is for dogs with body shapes that allow them to slip out of the harness. Another feature of this harness is that dogs can’t slip out unless they have long bodies like dachshunds. But there are some other breeds that may slip out of the harness.

To prevent that from happening use a collar along with the harness. Attach the leash to the D-ring on the harness and then to the collar. Swing the connection for the collar to just above the D-ring and you should be able to connect the leash to it as well. I don’t see how any dog could get out of that.

The retail price for the Harness for my dog (55-60 lbs) was approximately $26 US when I bought it about 7 years ago. Though on Amazon they seem to be around $20. I would assume there is a difference in price for smaller or larger dogs.

Feel free to email me with any questions or leave a comment about your experiences with the Easy Walk Harness.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.