How Would I Find a Cat or Pet Sitter Near Me?

“I want to know how to find a pet sitter near me

Well, I’m glad you asked. Okay, I asked that question, but I have the answer!

how to find a pet sitter near you


The Methods I Would Use to Find a Pet Sitter Near Me

Finding a cat or pet sitter in your area is best when you get recommendations from other pet owners. Here are the basics that I covered in the dog sitter article:

  1. Pet sitters recommended by people you know
  2. Pet sitters recommended by pet owners you don’t know
  3. Online recommendations
  4. Smart online research

I’m going to cover the best methods to find a pet sitter or cat sitter in your area. It will be a summary of what I covered in-depth in my article on how to find a dog sitter. I don’t want to duplicate that content here, although a lot of the information for finding a dog sitter also applies to finding a pet or cat sitter. You should consider reading that article if you need a pet sitter for your dog or your cat. I will cover some more in-depth topics that relate to specifically to finding a pet or cat sitter near you.

First off, are you sure it is pet sitting that you need? Some people get confused with the differences between sitting, boarding and in-house sitting. If you are unsure, then you can read my descriptions of those services in my Pet Services Definitions article.

So recommendations from other pet owners are great. And recommendations from people you know is the best. I assume you already did that and came up empty. Here are some suggestions to get recommendations from people not in your network of friends.


Your Vet

One of my former clients is a vet and he is opening a veterinary office in my neighborhood. He told me that he is always being asked to recommend dog walkers and pet sitters. It’s fantastic to know that he will be able to send some business my way! So check with your vet, assuming they are in your neighborhood.


Do you ever see a cat in a window? Next time you see the owner mention how you always see their cat in the window and that your cat does the same. Whatever it takes to strike up a conversation about their cat. At some point ask them if they have a pet sitter. It’s as simple as that.

You can do the same thing if you ever see them carrying litter or cat food. If they don’t use a pet sitter, maybe they can put you in touch with someone who does.

The local pet shop

Pet shops get a lot of soliciting from pet service companies. Small shops, not the corporate chains. I tried that when I first started. They usually have one company that they prefer to recommend. Also, the employees of a small pet shop make good candidates. The owner of the pet store obviously trusts them.

Pet-friendly businesses

There is a place near me called Le Cat Cafe. It was started by a cat rescue organization. I have not been there but I believe that it’s a cafe where you can get a drink and a bite to eat. And there are dozens of cats that roam the place. See if there is a place like that in your area. I’m sure they know some quality pet sitters. (Cat cafes – love that idea!)

There are also dog-friendly bars and restaurants in Philadelphia. I know you need a cat sitter, but companies that offer pet sitting do both dog and cat sitting. And I’m sure they prefer cat sitting (I do) as it is easier. If you have any similar dog-friendly bars or restaurants in your area then go ask the owners and patrons if they know any reliable pet sitters.

Definitely, try all of the above to find a pet sitter near you. If you strike out, or if you are short on time, then here are some online options that I mentioned in my dog sitter article.



If you are not familiar with it, is a site that is similar to a forum. And the only members on it are people from each neighborhood. I’m in the Philadelphia > Fairmount, North neighborhood section. I often see people asking about all types of services including dog walkers and pet sitters. If you post asking for pet sitter recommendations, you’ll get responses the same day. But if the city you live in is small, it may not even be listed on the site. Check it out anyway.

My Links page

Take a look at the top few links on my Links page. They are sites that allow you to search for pet services by zip code. Unlike other sites, these do not require you to create an account. They are resource sites for professional pet based businesses. You will only see pet service businesses that pay to be listed on those sites, so it doesn’t show all the pet service companies in your area. I was on a couple of them when I first started, but I don’t have the need anymore.

Google searches

I assume you found this article because you searched for “pet sitters near me” or something like that. I have my own dog walking and pet sitting business. The biggest help for me to get business is by having online reviews and testimonials. Start there to narrow down the list of cat sitters in your area. And then contact them to see if they have availability. If so, schedule a time to meet with them. If you need a pet sitter on short notice, then start with the companies whose addresses are closest to you.


I hope all of these methods help you in finding a pet sitter. As I mentioned above, take a look at the dog sitter article for some additional ideas. Please let me know if you have any questions or different methods of finding a pet sitter. I sincerely wish you luck – for you and your cat!

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.