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Top Female Dog Names 2019: 122 Dog Names & Their Meanings

The best male or female dog name should reflect the dog’s personality. But that is not something you can do until you get to know your dog. Stimulate your imagination with this list of 122 top female dog names.

Each dog name includes the meaning, and the name’s country of origin. I also added the gematria number for all the dog names for those interested in numerology.

If you do not find the perfect name for your female pup, then go to the sites I used to find the meanings of your favorite dog name.


Most Popular Female Dog Names 2019

I found a number of lists on top female dog names and I combined the names to form a master list. The sites I used for the meaning are below if you would like to check other names, not on the list.

The number at the end of each name is the numerology number (gematria). Some sites included that with the meaning of names so I did as well since I found it interesting. You can skip that if that is not of interest to you. If there are two names like Ali, Allie then you will see 2 numbers, one for each variation.

Sites that give the meanings of names:

  • Behind The Name: Good site but they did not have all of the names on this list. The information on the names though is really good.
  • The Name Meaning: Better than above for the more exotic names but less information.
  • Baby Center: A slow site, lacked some names on this list but they have good information. Use the text box to search individual names.
  • Think Baby Names: Great information on the names.
  • Family Education: Really good site but really slow. I used this one when the other sites were lacking name meanings.

Directly below are the female dog names that start with A & B, or jump to a specific female dog name:


Female Dog Names that start with A & B

Abby: is short for Abigail. Hebrew for “my father rejoices” or “father is rejoicing” or “God is joy” or “father of exaltation” and Latin for “head of a monastery”. Numerology = 3.

Addy: short for Adeline, Adelaide. Hebrew “adorned”, Latin “of noble birth”; French for “noble-type” and German for “noble”. Numerology = 5

Allie, Ali: shorter forms of Alison & Alice. German “noble” or “exalted” and Greek “truth” or “healer”. Numerology = 3, 4.

Angel, Angie – short for Angela. Greek for “messenger” or “messenger of God” or “prophet” or “heavenly”. Numerology = 3, 9.

Anna, Annie: variation of Ann, Anne, and Hannah. Hebrew for “favor, gift of God’s favor, God has favored me, grace” and Dutch for “bringer of peace, hope”. Numerology = 3, 6.

Athena: Greek name for the goddess of wisdom and warfare, meaning “wise”. Numerology = 4.

Goddess Athena - strange name for a female dog though.
The Greek goddess Athena – a mighty name for a female dog!


Ava: Hebrew for “life”; Latin for “blooming, birdlike” and German for “desired”. Numerology = 4.

Bailey: Old English for “berry clearing, bailiff, city fortification” and French for “bailiff”. Numerology = 9.

Bell, Belle, Bella: short for Anabel & Isabella. French for “beautiful” and Hebrew for “God’s oath, dedicated”. Numerology = 4, 9, 5.

Brandy: English \ Dutch for the alcoholic drink. Numerology = 1.


Female Names C thru F

Callie, Cali: variation of Caroline or Kelly. Greek for “beautiful, pretty, bright-eyed, castle, fortress”. Numerology = 6, 7.

Candy: short for Candace. Latin for “bright, glowing white”; Greek for “charming, glowing”; Sanskrit for “of the moon”, and English for, of course, “sweet”. Numerology = 2.

Casey: Irish for “vigilant, watchful, brave, alert”. Numerology = 8.

Charlie, Charlotte: variation of Charlene. Italian for “valiant, strong, free.” Spanish for “little, womanly”. Numerology = 11 \ 2, 3.

Cherry: may be short for Charity. Latin for “loving, benevolent” and French and English for the fruit “cherry”. Numerology = 7.

Chloe: Greek for “green shoot”. It is another name for Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and the harvest. Numerology = 7.

Cinnamon: simply means the spice. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Cleo: short for Cleopatra. Greek for “glory of the father”. Numerology = 8.

Coco, Cocoa: Spanish for “help.” Numerology = 9, 1.

Cookie: simply means “cookie”. Numerology = 4.

Daisy: from the white flower meaning “day’s eye.” Numerology = 9.

Dakota: Native American for “friend, ally.”. Numerology = 7.

Delilah: Hebrew for “lovelorn, seductive, delicate, anguishing.” Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Dixie: American English for the “old south, southern girl” and French for “ten”. Numerology = 9.

Dorothy: Greek for “gift of God”. Numerology = 6.

Ella, Ellie: short for names that start with “El”. German for “all, entire, other, foreign”, Hebrew for “goddess, consecrated to God”, and Greek for “mercy”. Numerology = 3, 7.

Ema, Emma: French and German for “whole, universal, all-embracing”. Numerology = 1, 5.

Eva: Hebrew for “life, animal”. Numerology = 1.

Fancy: English for “like, love, inclination” or “ornamental” or “imagination, fantasy”. Numerology = 22 \ 4.

Fiona: English or Scottish for “white, fair”. Numerology = 9.

Fran: Short for Francis or Frances. Latin for “French” and French for “free”. Numerology = 3.


Female Names G thru I

Georgia: Greek for “farmer”, English for the state which was named after King George. Numerology = 44 \ 8.

Gigi: short for Georgina or Virginie \ Virginia in French. English for “earth-worker”, French for “trustworthy, girl of the farm”, Greek for “farmer”, and Japanese for “flowers”. Numerology = 5.

Ginger: Latin for “flower, chaste, maiden, spring-like, flourishing” and English for the spice or reddish-brown color and means “pep, liveliness”. Numerology = 6.

Grace, Gracie: Latin for “favor, blessing, graceful”. Numerology = 7 for both.

Hannah: Hebrew for “favor, grace, grace of God”. Numerology = 1.

Harley: English for “hare meadow, rock meadow, spacious meadow”. Numerology = 33\6.

Harper: Old English for “harp player, minstrel”. Numerology = 3.

Hazel: English for the hazel tree or light brown-green color as for eye color; Hebrew for “God sees”. Numerology = 7.

Heidi: short for Adelheid. German for “honorable, noble, kind”. Numerology = 3.

Holly: English for the Holly tree or Holly bush: maybe symbolized by the Christmas tradition involving Holly. Numerology = 9.

Honey: American \ English nickname for a sweet person or sweetheart. Numerology = 4.

Hope: English for “hope, trust, faith, expectation, belief” and Greek for the last item to leave Pandora’s box. Numerology = 8.

Iggy: English for “fiery one” and Greek for “only son”. Numerology = 3.

Izzy: possibly an alternate name for Elizabeth. Hebrew for “he will laugh” and Greek for “gift, gift of Isis”. Numerology = 5.

Isabelle: French for “consecrated to God, God is my oath”. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Ivy: English for the climbing or creeping plant which represents fidelity & eternity. Numerology = 2.


Dog Names that start with J & K

Jamie: a feminine version of James. Celtic, Latin and Hebrew for “supplanter, one who supplants”. Numerology = 2.

Jasmine: Persian and French for the climbing plant with delicate & fragrant flowers used to make perfume. Numerology = 8.

Josie – short for Josephine which is a French feminine form of Joseph. Origin of the name is from Hebrew for Yosef and then Greek Ioseph meaning “he will add, God will give”. Numerology = 22 \ 4.

Julie: a form of Julia. Latin and French origin meaning “downy-haired, youthful, love’s child”. Numerology = 3.

Juniper: English for the type of conifer tree or bush in the cypress family. The evergreen tree produces berries which are used as flavoring the gin, the alcohol. Numerology = 3.

Kate, Katie: short for Katharine. Possibly Greek for “pure”. The name Katharine may also be from the Greek goddess Hecate who was the goddess of magic. Numerology = 1, 1.

Kiki: short for names starting with “K” or of Spanish origin as a short form of Enriqueta. The only meaning I could find was ancient Egyptian for the castor plant. Numerology = 22 \ 4.

Kona: Hawaiian and Celtic for “world rule”. Numerology = 5.


Dog Names that start with L

Lacy, Lacey: possibly derived from Lassy. meaning “lace-like, cheerful”. Numerology = 5. 1

Lady: may be a form of Adelaide. Lady means “lady”, as simple as that. Is an old-fashioned of referring to a woman or a woman of noble birth. But in Old English, it means “bread kneader”. The German meaning of Adelaide is “noble kind”. Numerology = 6.

Lana: short for Alana which is the feminine form of Alan which means for “little rock” in Irish and in German means “precious”. It is Polynesian for “to float”. Numerology = 1.

Layla: Arabic or Egyptian for means “night, wine, intoxication, night beauty”, African for “born at night”, and American for “wine, dark beauty”. Numerology = 6.

Leela: Arabic and Indian for “play, amusement, amorous spirit” but may also be related to Layla in meaning. Numerology = 8.

Leia: a form of Leah. Hebrew for “delicate, weary”, Hawaiian for “weary, child of heaven, heavenly flowers” and English for “meadow”. Numerology = 9.

Lexi, Lexie: short for Alexandra and Alexis. Greek for “defender, helper”. Numerology = 5, 1.

Lily: short for Lilian and Elizabeth and is from the name of the flower. Latin for “symbol of purity, innocence, beauty”. Numerology = 22 \ 4.

Liz, Lizzie: variation of Elizabeth. Hebrew for “God is my oath”. Numerology = 2, 6.

Lola: short for Dolores. Spanish for “sorrows, strong woman”, Sanskrit for “moving to and fro”. Numerology = 4.

Lucky: simply means “lucky, fortunate”. Numerology = 9.

Lucy: English form of Lucia. Latin, French, and English for “light”. Numerology = 7.

Lulu – Hawaiian for “precious, calm, peaceful, pearl” and Native American for “rabbit”. Numerology = 3.

Luna: Latin for “the moon”. Numerology = 3.

My cat Luna. Good name for a female dog that is mostly white.
I know this is a cat, but it is my cat, Luna. Great name for an almost all white female dog if you have one.

Female Names that start with M & N

Macy: English for “enduring”, French for “weapon” and Gaelic for “low hill”. Numerology = 6.

Maddie, Madison: short for Madeleine or Maude. Hebrew and Old English for “maiden, young, unmarried woman”. Numerology = 9, 3.

Maggie: short for Margaret. Greek for “pearl, child of light”. Numerology = 33 \ 6

Marley: English for “pleasant wood, meadow near the lake”. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Maya: Greek for “mother, great one” and the eldest of the Pleiades, Sanskrit for “illusion”, American and Spanish for “industrious”, Hebrew for “water”, and Japanese for “trust, everlasting”. The name for the mother of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) and the Hindu goddess Durga. Numerology = 4.

Goddess Durga - another name for Maya
Maya is also the name of the Hindu goddess Durga


Mia: short for Maria. Latin for “mine” Hebrew for “bitter” and Scandinavian for “star of the sea”. Numerology = 5.

Mila: Slavic for “gracious, dear, industrious, hard-working”, Latin for “rival”, Greek for “friendly, soft, pleasant”, and Spanish for “miracles, favored”. Numerology = 8.

Millie: short for Mildred and Millicent. German for “labor, strength”, Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Minnie: variation of Wilhelmina. German for “will, desire, helmet, protection” and Native American for “firstborn daughter, fair, holy, pure, joy and peace”. Numerology = 1.

Missy: short for Melissa. Greek for “bee, honey” and English for “young girl”. Numerology = 22 \ 4.

Misty: English for “mist, of the mist” and American for “covered with mist or dew”. Numerology = 5.

Molly, Mollie: a form of Mary. Hebrew for “uncertain, bitter”, Irish and Latin for “star of the sea”. Numerology = 5, 3.

Nikki, Nicole: Greek for “people of victory, victory (Nike)”. Numerology = 9, 4.

Nina: short for names that end in -nina, such as Antonina, Giannina. Spanish for “little girl”, Latin for “mother, girl”, Hebrew for “grace”, and Hindi for “pretty eyes”. Numerology = 2.

Nova: Latin for “new”. Numerology = 7.


Female Dog Names O thru R

Olive, Olivia: English and French for the type of tree. Latin for “peace (olive branch)”, and specifically English for “elf army”. Numerology = 9, 5.

Opal: Sanskrit for “gem, jewel”, the birthstone of October. Numerology = 8.

Paisley: Scottish for “church”. Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Peanut: Like the nut meaning “small, tiny, cute”. Numerology = 5.

Pearl: from the jewel. Latin for “gem of the sea”, the birthstone for June. Numerology = 7.

Pebbles: just the small rocks and means “small, cute” or refers to Pebbles Flintstone. Numerology = 7.

Penny, Penelope: Greek for “silent worker, weaver”. Numerology = 11 \ 2, 7.

Pepper: from the pepper plant and used to describe temperament, such as fiery, hot, spicy, etc. Numerology = 4.

Phoebe: The Greek titan associated with the moon meaning “bright, pure, shining, radiant, brilliant, shining one”. Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Piper: for a person who plays a pipe \ flute. Numerology = 1.

Riley: variant of Reilly. Old English, Celtic and Irish for “rye cleaning, wood clearing, valiant, courageous, a little stream, rye meadow”. Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Rosie: a form of the name Rose and it means “rose”. Numerology = 3.

Roxie, Roxy: short for Roxana. Origin is English, Greek, and Persian-Iranian for “bright, star, dawn”. Numerology = 8, 1.

Ruby: from the name of the Gemstone. Latin for “red” and is the birthstone of July. Numerology = 3.


Female Names S thru T

Sadie: short for Sarah. Hebrew for “lady, princess”. Numerology = 3.

Sally – a variation of Sarah (see Sadie above). Numerology = 7.

Sandy: short for Sandra which is short for Alexandra. Greek for “defender or protector of mankind”. Numerology = 1.

Sasha: short for Aleksandra. Russian \ Ukranian, and the same as Sandy, meaning “defender of mankind, defender, protector”. Numerology = 3.

Scout: English for “first explorer, to gather information covertly, to listen. Numerology = 6.

Shadow: simply means “shadow, shade”. Also corresponds to darkness, things that are hidden, or are more difficult to see. Numerology = 7.

Shelby: English and Old Norse for “willow, willow farm, willow grove, sheltered town, from the ledge estate”. Numerology = 8.

Shelly, Shelley: Old English for “clearing on a (river) bank, meadow on a hilltop, sloped meadow”. Numerology = 9, 5.

Sierra: Spanish for “mountain range, saw, jagged or saw-toothed mountain range”. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Snow: English for “snow, fair skinned, fair complexion”. Numerology = 8.

Sophie: an alternate version of Sophia. Greek and French for “wisdom”. Numerology = 9.

Stella: Latin & Greek for “star”. Numerology = 6.

Pet Portrait of Stella
A dog I used to walk named Stella – super sweet Shelty!


Suzie: a form of Susan. Hebrew for “lily”. Numerology = 8.

Sydney: English for “wide island” and French for “wide meadow”. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Tilly: short for Matilda. German for “might, strength, powerful battler, strength in battle”. Numerology = 33 \ 6.

Tina: a shorter version of Christina and Christian. Greek or Latin for “follower of Christ, anointed, to anoint”. Numerology = 8.

Trixie: short for Beatrix. Latin for “voyager, traveler, voyager through life, bringer of joy”. Numerology = 4.


Dog Names V thru Z

Valerie: Latin for “strong, healthy, to be strong”. Numerology = 9.

Viki, Vicky: Short for Victoria. Latin for “victory, conqueror”. Numerology = 6, 7.

Willow: English for “willow tree, freedom”. Numerology = 4.

Winnie: short for Winifred. Welsh for “blessed peace, soft, happiness, fair and pure” and Native American for “firstborn daughter”. Numerology = 11 \ 2.

Xena: Greek for “welcome guest”. Numerology = 8.

Zoe, Zoey: Greek for “life”. Numerology = 1, 8.


Top female dog names not listed above

These were 33 dog names where I could not find the meaning so I removed them from the list. You’ll have to find their meaning from some other source than the ones I used:

Baby, Bonnie, Cue, Dillie, Dona, Krissie, Loli, Mal, Mazie, Mimi, Mimie, Mocha, Momo, Monet, Nala, Nana, Prim, Princess, Queen, Rae, Reno, Rockie, Roo, Sassy, Sia, Sicily, Sugar, Tasty, Una, Vi, Whoopie, Ziggie, and Zo.


Final Thoughts

This is the most comprehensive list of female dog names that you will find. It took me a long time to get all the meanings of the dog names – I sincerely hope this article helped you choose the perfect female dog name.

I will have articles on the top male dog names, as well as the top male & female cat names. Look for them in the near future.

You may also want to check out two of my articles:

Good luck naming your female dog and comment below if you come up with a unique name.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.