Dog Walker Flyer Template and How to Design One Yourself

Make your own dog walker flyer template or modify mine

I created two “generic” dog walker flyer templates. By generic, I mean just the basics without any of the overboard graphic design elements. Some of the templates I’ve seen have way too many colors and design elements. You’re trying to get clients, not win a graphic design contest. I think some of the flyers online must be made by self-employed graphic designers and they went overboard on the design. If that’s what you want, then you will not like mine. But if you prefer simplicity and minimalism, then please keep reading.

Also, some of the templates I found were available for a small fee. Some were free but you probably have to provide an email address. I’m providing two, which are very similar, for free. All I ask is that you like and share this article and any of my other articles that you find useful. It would really help me out with ranking higher on Google and getting more people to my site. At least do this one since you’re here, but enough of sharing and liking – on with the design.

As I mentioned in my 3rd article on how to start a dog walking business, I used flyers top get my first clients. And I kept the design simple: Large text “Dog Walking & Pet Sitting”, a few graphics, a few sentences about my business and the tear-offs at the bottom with my email and website address. I kept the same simplicity for these flyers.

Now let me say that the flyers I designed have a REALLY basic design and could use some more elements. I would do more but I don’t use flyers anymore. You have to do some of the work yourself, I’m just getting you started. I created them for anyone who is just starting their dog walking or pet sitting business.


Design Your Dog Walker Flyer Template Using

You should look into using Canva for your flyers, business cards, and business logo. I will include below some links to YouTube videos on how to design in Canva. You may have to create a free account to save the flyer after the making changes.

Here is the link to my dog walker flyer template design. I set it to public so all you need to do is click on Edit or Use as a template to change the text and other elements. Then save and download. I set up that template to be 4.5 x 6.5 inches. With that size, you can upload it to a Microsoft Word document or a Google Doc and have 2 flyers. You want to set the MS Word doc to landscape and create 2 columns. You can paste or import the design to both columns, resize to go to the edge of the margins and print. I set up the Google Doc template the same way. Each print will give you two flyers that you just need to cut out and trim the edges.


Dog Walker Flyer Template design in Canva
My really basic dog walker flyer template


The Design in Canva

I have the “Dog Walking & Pet Sitting” in a large font at the top, my logo below it, some brief text, and finally the tear-offs that have my email address and website address. If you do not have a website, then create a Facebook account for your business. You don’t have a lot of options on Facebook, but there is a Services tab where you can list a few services and rates. Check out my Facebook business listing if you want to see an example.

You obviously, want to change the text and logo to represent your business and information, but the basics are there. Change the text color to what you like. My logo is not the best graphic for where it is and the white background of the logo doesn’t work with the background of the flyer. You could also add another sentence or two about credentials or anything else you think is important.

Also, consider watching the Canva YouTube videos I list below and design something completely different. Canva also has Flyer templates which you could use as well, although I didn’t like any of them. But you if you choose my template, definitely modify my design to suit your own business. Use my template as a starting design, and go from there.

You need to do the work so that you can get used to all aspects of running a business on your own. It gives you a lot of satisfaction knowing that you can do whatever it takes to succeed.

So here are the specifics of my Canva design:

  • The large bold text at the top are the services I provide. I added Pet Sitter but you may want to remove that if you don’t offer that service. The text color is black but you can set it to any color. You probably shouldn’t use more than 2 colors for text when designing graphics – keep it simple.
  • I also added my company name below that with a smaller font size but I did not do this part in the Google Doc.
  • My logo is below that. You may want to consider using a wider graphic or use more than one graphic. My logo takes up too much height and not enough width. So I added some dog paw prints on either side. Replace my logo with yours and keep or change the paw prints.
  • Next, I have a few lines of text about my services and rates. You could add your credentials or whatever else you want here. Some good options would be “References available”, or “Pet CPR and First Aid Certified”, or whatever you think is important.
  • I added a horizontal line before the tear-off for a visual effect and a break. The color of the line is green to match my links color – change the color to whatever you want.
  • Then I added the tear-offs at the bottom. I added them as 2 lines of text (one for my website and one for my email) then I rotated the text 90 degrees. You should edit one of them for your information, delete the rest, then make multiple copies of it and align them with each other.
  • Finally, I added a background which I probably should have done first. I found a background that looked pretty good. You could change the background to another pattern or of any color. You could also have a photo or graphic as the background. The problem with a photo or graphic is that the design becomes cluttered and it will take more time to design everything so that the text stands out. It’s up to you on what you want to do for the background.


The Google Docs Dog Walker Flyer Template

So I first created a simple dog walking flyer template in Canva. Then all I did was recreate it using Google Docs. However, there were a few things that I could not duplicate. The main thing I couldn’t do was figure out how to duplicate the vertical tear-offs at the bottom. What I had to do was create one of them in Canva then add it to the Google Doc.

Here is the link to the Canva graphic tear-off and I made it public and editable like the flyer.

I also was not able to add the background or paw prints. Going through this process, I believe it would be best to just copy or insert the Canva flyer into both columns of the Google Doc.

The Google Doc flyer has two columns and is set to landscape. It’s a little tricky figuring out how to do that, so if you can’t figure it out add a comment below or send me an email from my contact page. I think I had to use the Search field in the Help menu. Try searching for Landscape and Columns.

What I did after copying the flyer design in Canva was to add the Canva flyer to one of the columns as an image. So you could choose how you want to design the two columns. Either all with Google Docs plus my Canva tear-off graphic or just insert the Canva flyer into both columns.

I also set the Google Doc dog flyer template to be shared so just make a copy of it and edit as you need.



My Steps for the Google Docs Dog Walker Flyer Template Design

  • Large text at the top listing the service.
  • Next, I inserted a horizontal line.
  • Then I inserted my logo next. Once again, it needs to be wider or have additional graphics on either side of it in my opinion.
  • Below that, I added the additional lines of text about services and rates.
  • I added another horizontal line.
  • Then I went to the Insert menu to insert the Canva vertical text for the tear-offs and made copies of it. I also had to add a space in between a few of them to get them to line up with the horizontal line.
  • Finally, I then copied all of that and added it to the second column. Do the same if you do not want to try designing with Canva.

But I did reverse that last step. I deleted everything from the 2nd column and uploaded the flyer from Canva. You could do the same but add the flyer to both columns. It depends on what you are most comfortable with doing – designing the full thing in Canva or solely using Google Docs.

At this point, just print out as many copies as you want and start posting them around your neighborhood. Each print will give you two flyers of approximately 4.5” x 6.5”. You’ll have to cut them out and trim off the margins and maybe the header and footer.

One note about the Canva file downloads. You can download the flyer you created (or any graphic) as either a png, jpg, pdf-standard or pdf-print file. All downloads have a pixels per inch (ppi) of 96.

Printing of high-quality photos and graphics is usually done with files that are 300 ppi but I believe 200 ppi is fine. Note, the actual printing is done at 300 dpi or dots per inch. I don’t really understand that distinction – it’s a little confusing. I think the 96 ppi for printing with a laser printer to be stapled to a telephone pole is fine. The first flyers I ever created was by using MS Excel and pasting the flyer into a Word document and then I printed them. I’m sure the resolution was NOT 300 and they looked fine. Print out one copy and see how it looks.


My Opinion on How to Design your Dog Walker Flyer Template

Microsoft Word or Google Docs just is not suited to do the actual design. They are great for pasting or inserting the design and then printing it, but that’s it. Definitely, design in Canva then add the graphic to a word document for eventual printing. And I believe I know a better method than what I did.

Instead of creating a two column document, try instead to double your flyer on the same graphic. I should have made my Canva flyer twice the width, but the same height. I then could have created the entire flyer on one half of the canvas, then duplicated it on the other half. Then I could have pasted the entire graphic into a word doc in landscape mode. No messing around with the two column thing. I could have also added a vertical line in the center of the graphic in a slightly different color to identify where to cut them in half. That was an idea I had in reviewing the designs, maybe you can try it.


Where to post your Dog Walker Flyers

The first place you want to post them is on street light and telephone poles. Bring some tape and a stapler or staple gun. I would place them at corners where people have to stop before crossing the street, not in the middle of the block where they may not notice.

Also, look for poles that are close where dog owners are likely to walk – like in front of dog parks. And that leads us to the next place – dog parks. Go to the parks and see what is the most common routes that people take to the park. Place the flyers on poles leading up to the park.

Another option is places like Whole Foods or local coffee shops, Any place that has a bulletin board for people to post notices. That’s why the smaller sizes I designed are better. A full 8.5 x 11 flyer may not fit on a bulletin board, plus is kind of rude to take up all that space. My flyers measure less than half of that size. Other places may be in apartment buildings, community centers, etc. Think outside the box and get creative.


Here are the YouTube videos I found useful for using Canva

How To Use Canva – Tutorial!

How to Create a Designer Quality Infographic in Minutes Using Canva (For Beginners)

Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free!

Canva Tutorial|Canva Tutorial For Beginners|How To Use Canva


I hope this helps you design your own dog walking flyer template. Remember, once you have the template, you can modify it as often as you want at a later time. The most important thing is not to go crazy with the design. You need to get them around the neighborhood so that you can start getting clients and start earning money.

Good luck and leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions.


Update on graphic design

I rarely use Canva anymore. I discovered a free graphic design program called Inkscape which you can download to your desktop or laptop.

There is a little bit of a learning curve but there is no limit to how much you can design, especially if you are a beginner at design like myself. For tutorials on how to use it, check out the Inscape playlists for TJ FREE and Logos by Nick on Youtube.

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.