Losing A Pet: Having To Put My Dog To Sleep

Losing a pet is very difficult, whether it is a dog, cat or any beloved pet. I recently was faced with putting my dog to sleep and I'll never be the same. This post is a tribute to my dog Buddy. Hopefully, it helps you if you are also grieving the loss of a pet after euthanasia.


Top Female Dog Names 2019: 122 Dog Names & Their Meanings

I combined a number of lists for the 100 Top Female Dog names and came up with 122 names. Each name lists the country of origin, meaning(s) and the numerology for the name. I also included 36 names which did not make the list because I could not find their meaning. Finally, use the links for name meanings if you do not find a name for your female dog.


9 Philadelphia Dog Parks: Find A Park Near You

There are 9 Philadelphia dog parks that have enclosed areas for the dogs to run around without a leash. Three are member only parks, one "encourages" membership and the rest are open to the public but you still have to follow the park rules. And there are another 5 unofficial dog parks but 3 are not enclosed areas or there is no information about the area.

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Putting A Cat To Sleep: How I Dealt With It

This is not a step by step process of what to do when putting a cat to sleep. I am just writing about everything that I went through when I had to put my cat to sleep. Hopefully, it will provide insight if you are faced with this unfortunate, but unavoidable, situation. This is not a perfectly written post which…

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