Dog Walking Business Name & Website (Online Presence)

In researching competition for my dog walking business, I found that many companies are hard to find. Whether it was a search on Google or Yelp, many companies did not appear anyway near the 1st page of results. My website appears on the 1st page of Google for various search terms. I cover all the methods that you should use to have dog owners find you and your business.


Dog Walking Schedule: Guidelines For Your Pet Business

Some guidelines on how to schedule your daily dog walking and pet sitting clients to maximize your income. I also have a Google Sheets template with conditional formatting and additional sheets. Besides the walking schedule sheet, I have a weekly $ sheet, client information sheet and a sheet to keep track of your online reviews.


17 Wild & Ornamental Trees Poisonous To Dogs

You need to be aware of the things that your dog likes to chew, especially any wild nuts or sticks. There are a number of trees that are highly poisonous to dogs. I found 17 species of trees found in North America that can cause severe reactions or death if your dog eats any part of the tree.


List Of 18 Wild Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs

This is the first of many articles about trees and plants that are toxic to dogs. In this article, I list 18 wild plants that can be found in North America and that can cause illness or death in your dog if ingested. I have photos of the plants, basic descriptions to identify the plants and some suggested links and botany books.


Unique Dog Names: Funny to Plain Stupid Male Dog Names

Try your hardest to come up with a name for your male dog that fits his personality or the way he looks. But that is not so easy. The best unique dog names range from funny to cute the perfect match for your dog. But don't choose a stupid name for your dog, or everyone will think that you are stupid (and they would be right).


My Cat Hissing At New Cat (Cat Aggression & Attack)

My cat kept hissing at a new cat that I brought into my home for a 10-day cat boarding job. There ended up being a scary catfight and I made the mistake of trying to break up the fight. I detail all the correct and incorrect things I did so that you don't experience the same thing I did.

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