Pet Sitter And Dog Walker Job Description

If you want to be a dog walker, then take a look at job descriptions, paying close attention to all the requirements. Employers ideally want applicants with dog handling experience and references, and that can pass a background check. Other common dog walker job descriptions involve having a love of dogs, reliable transportation, being physically fit and available midday on weekdays.


Types Of Cats: Domestic Wild Cat Hybrid Breeds

There are four cat breeds that are hybrids with wildcats, the most popular being the Bengal cat. And it is the Bengal cat breed that was used to create another three cat hybrid breeds. Those wild hybrid cats are the Savannah, Safari, Bengal and Chausie cats. The three breeds crossed with a Bengal are the Toyger, Serengeti and Cheetoh cats. I also included the Pixie Bobcat.


Best Way How To Trim Cat Claws

If you really want to learn how to trim cat claws, then there are a handful of essential things to know. You want to know which part of the claw to trim, how to get your cat to cooperate and the type of clippers to use. I cover all that plus basic grooming costs for your cat.


14 Dog Walking Skills: Become or Hire a Dog Walker

The practical skills to be a dog walker are to have experience with animals and to use mind and body. Meaning you need to be smart and fit. And you will also need management skills to run a business. Most of the skills that you need for dog walking are also skills that a person needs to look for when…

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Dog Sitting Tips, Checklist & Instructions (Pet Sitting 101)

Dog sitting tips for dog or pet owners, pet sitters, and friends or family members should be focused on giving your sitter everything they need. Nothing beats having a checklist of everything you need which you use to write detailed instructions for your sitter. Just think about everything you do for your dog each day and make sure to...

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