Dog Obedience School Training Cost Philadelphia, PA

There are 15 dog training (obedience) schools in Philadelphia, PA. I found the cost for their dog training classes which range from private or group, and puppy to adult dogs. You can also take dog behavior modification classes if your dog has specific difficulties. I list the class types, # of classes & the dog training costs. I only list costs for dog training companies that have websites.


Pet Taxi Service & Cost in Philadelphia, PA

There are 13 companies in Philadelphia that have pet taxi listed as a service on their website. Only half of them actually list the cost for their pet taxi service, the others just mention contacting them for a quote. This is a valuable service if you need pet supplies or have a grooming or vet appointment but are unable to drive. Links to each website is provided.


Dog Grooming Prices: Price List Near You, Philadelphia, PA

I found 19 businesses with websites that offer dog and cat grooming in Philadelphia, PA. The dog grooming prices are for various dog sizes and different grooming options for 10 of the businesses. Eight businesses did not list their dog grooming prices. The companies are listed by zip code with links to their websites.

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