In-Home Dog Sitting: Dog Sitters That Stay At Your Home

In this article, I cover all aspects of in-home dog sitting from cost to the duties you can expect from your sitter. You need to check out the pet service companies in your area for rates, deposits, surcharges, reservation and cancellation policies, scheduled walks, special notes, and quite a few other important points.


Dog Sitting Tips, Checklist & Instructions (Pet Sitting 101)

Dog sitting tips for dog or pet owners, pet sitters, and friends or family members should be focused on giving your sitter everything they need. Nothing beats having a checklist of everything you need which you use to write detailed instructions for your sitter. Just think about everything you do for your dog each day and make sure to...


In Home Cat, Dog, Pet Sitting Rates for Philadelphia, PA

I found 22 companies that offer pet and dog sitting in your home and I list their rates. This is the best option for your dog and other pets. I found the zip codes for 9 of them, 12 service many zip codes, and 2 do not mention their area. Also, I have in-home cat sitting rates for 16 companies that provide that service.


Dog Sitting Rates for Companies Servicing Philadelphia, PA

A table of dog sitting rates, costs & fees for 23 pet service businesses that service Philadelphia, PA. I show the minimum and maximum dog sitting rates for three common sitting times and I provide links to each company's service area page. The dog sitting rates are as of October, 21st 2018 and is the only list of its kind.