19 Health Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life

There are many health benefits of having a dog in your life. Some of the benefits have been proven with scientific studies while others are common sense but not common knowledge. These benefits include improved heart health and overall physical and mental health. Other benefits are that you become more social, happier and less depressed.

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First-Time Dog Owner? 17 Tips For New Dog Owners

If you are new to the experience of owning a dog, I have 17 first time dog owner tips. I grouped similar tips together to make it easier to visualize and remember: personal approaches for a better experience, disciple guidelines for better behavior, home concerns for a safe & happy dog, and boring but important practical concerns.


Where To Adopt A Dog Or Cat In Philadelphia, PA

If you are looking for animal shelters where you can adopt a dog or cat, then I have all the information you will need. I found 12 pet shelters, rescues and adoption centers in Philadelphia.To help you, I have their addresses, phone #s and a link to their websites. I include notes about volunteer or fostering opportunities, vet care, lost or found pets, etc.

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