How to Start a Dog Walking Business: Summary, Final Thoughts

How to Start a Dog Walking Business, Part 6 is a summary of the main points from my previous 5 articles. You can use the summary outline as a reference for when you finally decide to start a dog walking business. I also highlight what I believe are the most important points to focus on and I have some final thoughts on having a dog walking and pet sitting business.


Starting a Dog Walking Business Part 5: Testimonials & Management

Starting a Dog Walking Business Part 5 is about getting reviews and testimonials from your clients, and asking them to act as references. I also cover regular management using a spread sheet for client contact info, scheduling and calculating fees owed and paid. Finally, I cover various topics such as hiring walkers, ongoing website concerns, raising rates, and more.


Starting a Dog Walking Business Part 4: Tips and Tricks

How to start a Dog Walking Business Part 4 covers insights and tips for the actual dog walking and pet sitting. Some of the tips are about your first walk or pet visit, scheduling the optimal route, supplies you’ll need, managing all the keys, foul weather gear and footwear, and much more.


How Would I Find a Cat or Pet Sitter Near Me?

I will show you how I would find a pet sitter near me and in my area if I needed to. I am a dog walker and pet sitter and I outline the best methods of how to find a cat or pet sitter near you: from people and businesses in your area to the best online methods.

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