19 Health Benefits Of Having A Dog In Your Life

There are many health benefits of having a dog in your life. Some of the benefits have been proven with scientific studies while others are common sense but not common knowledge. These benefits include improved heart health and overall physical and mental health. Other benefits are that you become more social, happier and less depressed.


Dog Exercise Needs By Breed (Basic Guide & Time Chart)

Detailed information of various dog breeds including their exercise needs, breed behavior & temperament, ease or difficulty of training and other general characteristics. The exercise needs are separated by dog group with the recommended minimum and maximum minutes of daily activity and suggested activity types. An exercise chart is included for visual comparisons.


How Much Exercise Does A Puppy Need?

Try this guideline for exercising a puppy: 2-3 short walks per day and with many quick pee breaks: 15 minutes for puppies up to 3 months old, 30 minutes for 3 to 6 months old, and 45 minutes maximum until they are about a year old. Give your puppy exercise indoors until their final round of vaccination shots. But for puppies, there is a lot more to think about.


How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Everyday?

How much exercise a dog needs everyday depends on its age, breed, and health. I cover guidelines on how often you should walk your dog, how far and for how long based on the particulars of your dog. There are tips on noticing overexertion in dogs as well. Just start slow until you get to know your dog's energy level.


Philadelphia Dog License: Online, by Mail or In Person

All the information you need about purchasing a Philadelphia dog license. I cover the law pertaining to licensing a dog and the reasons to have a license. Other topics covered are required paperwork you will need, cost of a dog license, lost and replacement tags, and annual renewal of your dog license.


How To Walk A Dog That Pulls On A Leash

The basics to how to walk a dog that pulls while on a leash. I cover how to walk a dog on a leash, and training techniques to stop them from pulling. Once you have mastered the pulling, I cover how to train a dog to walk next to you.