Online Review & Business Listing Sites (Pet Business)

Online Review & Business Listing Sites (Pet Business)

Part of building your online presence is to list your company and services on various business listing sites. Social media is an obvious choice but don’t forget about the business review sites. There are also sites where you can simply list your business and add descriptions, photos, links, and other details. I have a list of 46 business review and listing sites that will help you grow your business.


46 Business Listing Sites

The best business listing sites have other features such as reviews, detailed profiles and the ability to add a link to your website (if you have one). Even better if they are social media sites. There is one social media site that offers all those things and another business listing site that is huge.

I found 40 sites where you should definitely list your business. There are 4 local sites to me that may also apply to you and another 3 that are worth considering. You must get your business name on as many websites as possible, especially if you do not have a website.

I separated the websites into sections from most important to least important: social media, review sites, listing sites and finally link building opportunities. I also bolded the sites I believe are the best in each section.


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) is essential given that nearly everyone has smartphones which they use to find services and products. The top of the list is Facebook and you want to optimize your business listing on Facebook. Take a look at my Facebook Business Account for detailed steps on how to create your business profile.

Facebook business listing

Here are another 4 social media sites that are free to list your business. You can add links to your site, upload photos, and videos, but they do not have reviews associated with them. I have my business listed on all of these sites.

  1. Instagram: You’ll need to post a lot of photos of your business and on a regular basis.
  2. Linkedin: Linkedin posts do better when accompanied by videos so look into how to make quality videos on your particular business.
  3. Pinterest: This site also requires a lot of daily posting of images and graphics. I found it overwhelming so I just have some boards with keywords in the descriptions.
  4. Twitter: I don’t think you will find a lot of dog walking clients from Twitter, but it can’t hurt. I tweet my blog posts as I publish them.


Business Listing & Review Sites

The next best thing to do is to list your business on sites that have the ability to get reviews from customers. Reviews and testimonials are some of the best ways to get new clients. You must have your clients add reviews for you. Get your clients to write 20 reviews or so by giving them a free weekend dog walk or pet visit!

Yelp business listing site

Here are 15 sites that allow you to list your business and that also have reviews available. I think all of them are free as well. I have my business listed on all of them.

  1. Alignable: Free listing. I recently created my listing so I’m not sure how influential it is in driving clients my way.
  2. Angie’s List: I created my business listing years ago and it was free, but I’m not certain if it is still free.
  3. Bing Places: A free listing for people who may search for your dog walking services using the Bing browser.
  4. Brownbook: This is a good site that I added my business to years ago (free).
  5. Google My Business: Check out my article about creating your Google My Business profile.
  6. Judy’s Book: I have a free account but it may be paid only now. It’s worth looking into either way.
  7. Localdatabase: It’s free but it only lists your business name and address.
  8. Merchant Circle: Free listing with the ability to add a description and upload photos – a great site!
  9. Showmelocal: Free listing and you can add a description for your business.
  10. Super Pages: Basic free listing but you can add your website link.
  11. Thumbtack: Not sure if this site is free or not.
  12. Yahoo Local: Not sure if Yahoo is worth much these days but it’s worth listing your business with them.
  13. Yellowbot: Simple free listing account.
  14. Simple free listing account.
  15. Yelp: If you only add your business to one review site, then this is the one. Make sure your clients post reviews for you though!

Definitely create a Google My Business account and accounts on Yelp and Bing Local.


Business Listing Sites

The following list of 11 business listing sites does not have reviews but you can add details on your business, though some of the sites do not provide the ability to add detailed information on y our business. Some of the sits are free, and some require a premium account.

  1. Blogarama: Free listing if you have a blog associated with your business. If you do, then definitely add it here.
  2. Same as above.
  3. Bringfido: This is a great site for your dog walking or pet sitting business.
  4. Chamber of Commerce: You can get a basic free listing, but it will cost you to add more information about your business.
  5. This is NOT a free business listing site – pay only. I’m not listed here (I prefer free).
  6. Basic free listing.
  7. Hotfrog: Free listing with the ability to add photos, links, etc.
  8. Free listing with the ability to add a description, links, etc.
  9. This site used to be free but I believe it is paid only now.
  10. This is NOT a free business listing site – pay only.
  11. Tupalo: Basic free business listing site.

The following 3 sites seem lame to me after looking into them, but maybe they will work for you.

  • Aboutus: Free but I didn’t add my business.
  • Free but extremely limited.
  • This one is confusing. I used to be on it but I’m not anymore.


Link Building Sites

Here are 8 unique free sites where you can list your business:

  1. Drexel University: I was able to create an alumnus profile with a link to my website. See if you can do the same for your high school or college alma mater.
  2. Mapquest: Definitely list your business here and any other map or driving websites. I looked into Apple Maps, Waze, AAA and Rand McNally but didn’t find how to add my business.
  3. This is free when you create a Google My Business account.
  4. Pet forums: Try to add your website links in forum posts but make sure it’s allowed or you will be banned as a spammer.
  5. Answer questions with pertinent links to your website or social media posts. You have to subscribe to specific Spaces and Topics to get emails on user-submitted questions.
  6. Same as for Quora just subscribe to pet-related subreddits.
  7. I have a link to my site as a result of using their services. Consider doing the same for your business assuming you have a website.
  8. I have links from their forums because I built my websites with If you did not build your site with WordPress, you can see if your web host company has a forum to add a link to a page on your site.


Local Sites for Business Listings

Here are 4 local sites that are worth looking into. Nextdoor has different sections for particular cities. Hopefully, your area has one. The other 3 are specific to my area.

Nextdoor listing site

  1. You can add a link to y our business in your profile plus add posts about your services.
  2. This is a site based in Philadelphia that ranks businesses in different categories by user votes. See if you have something similar in your area.
  3. This is a magazine based in Philadelphia where you can list your website. You may be able to do the same in your area.
  4. This is a site that a pet lover in Philly created. I found it by searching for sites that linked to my website. They added my website without my knowledge as a pet sitting resource (fantastic).

Here is how you find local sites where you can add your business. What you need to know is which competitors in your area are the biggest and most well-known AND that have a website. You can find the sites where their business is listed using the following advanced Google search term:

So if you did that for my site, go to and in the search bar type You’ll find my website pages, as well as other sites where “” is listed.

So do research on your competitors to find the sites where their business is listed. Then go to those same sites and list your own business!


Final Thoughts

You MUST list your website or business profile on as many of the websites listed above as possible. It’s a lot of work but it’s a one-time thing. Try to do a few sites per week and once you create your account, you are done. After a month or two, you will be on the path of creating an online presence for your dog walking or pet sitting business. Best wishes!

Jim Kernicky

I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for my business Fairmount Pet Service in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia since 2008.

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    Thanks, this is really helpful! I just started a dog training business and have been researching online listings to get the name out a bit.

    1. Jim Kernicky

      Glad it helps – I started with a list of at least 100 sites and got rif=d of the ones that aren’t worth it. If you could share it on social media or link to the page that would help me out. Good luck with your dog training business.

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