How Would I Find a Cat or Pet Sitter Near Me?

I will show you how I would find a pet sitter near me and in my area if I needed to. I am a dog walker and pet sitter and I outline the best methods of how to find a cat or pet sitter near you: from people and businesses in your area to the best online methods.

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How to Start Your Own Dog Walking Business, Pt 3

How to start your own dog walking business part 3 is all about getting clients so you can make money. I cover the various online and offline techniques I used in the beginning and that I use now to have clients contact me. I also have pointers for when you meet new clients.

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Setting up a Dog Walking Business Pt 2: Research the Competition

Part 2 of setting up a dog walking business covers setting up your business similar to other dog walking and pet sitting businesses that service your area. You want to research what they charge for services and see what kind of experience and certifications they have. Basically, make your rates competitive and look into getting similar certifications, experience, and reviews.

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